10-1-2013 - The Midday Social Part 1

Hey everybody! We're here, not so live, at The Midday Social! We have tons of interesting people this episode that you DO NOT want to miss! Bands! Promoters! Radio personalities and much much more!  We'll be interviewing folks throughout the night and playing local music!

In order of appearance: 

Davey Moore - The Midday Social
(Song) Satellites Fall - Strange New Day
John Laurenti - Radio Personality for WZLX
(Song) Cactus Attack - Ramblin Part 2
Bobby and Naomi - The Can't Nots
(Song) The Can't Nots - Old News
Gina Migliozzi - Mass Concerts
Steve Scarpetti - Radio Personality for 94HJY
(Song) Jetpilot - Tidal Wave
Azwan Badryzaman and Miles Disney - Solo Artists
(Song) Azwan - Pat Sajak
Brian and Stephanie - MusicTown and The Evo Audio Group
John E. Wilde and Dan D'Alessio - BlindSide Thunder
(Song) BlindSide Thunder  - We Love to Party
Dave and Justin - Black Button
(Song) Black Button - Canopy
Matt and Connor - That Racket
(Song) That Racket - Where You Wanna Go