3-3-2014 - The Midday Social Part One

Hey Everyone! It's The Midday Social Part One! Do you know what else it is? It is the one year anniversary of The Studio Cellar!!! We've met a lot of amazing and talented people over the last year and look forward to expanding and seeing what's to come! For now, here is the breakdown of this episode in order of appearance....

Davey Moore
Aaron Wilson
The Daybreaks
Subject 2 Change
Jessica Prouty Band
3 Parts Dead

Don'f forget, there is a "part two" next week. Be sure to check back!


2-24-2014 - Growth of Technology with Special Guest Dan Black

Dan Black is here from Rock Your Head Productions to talk about the growth of technology. Ah yes, that wonderful BIG-T we call technology! Is it good? Is it bad? Does it allow us to be more creative or does it allow for anyone and their mother to be a film maker/record producer/artist? Tom, Jim, and Dan walk through the steps of production and how technology affects each.There is some other "shit" in there too... cat shit.


2-10-2014 - The Current State of Pop Music with Special Guest Danny Floyd

There's an awfully big commotion these days when it comes to the music industry and pop music. Well, Danny Floyd is here to put it all into perspective and shed some light on the pop scene and what drives him to make the music he does. From metal head to pop producer, we've got some interesting talking points this episode that you don't want to miss!


1-27-2014 - Education and Creativity With Special Guests The Jessica Prouty Band

Jessica Prouty and Cam Pelkey of The Jessica Prouty Band traveled from a distant land, north of the Mass Pike divider, to be on this episode of The Studio Cellar! We sit down to talk about the effects education has on creativity. Does it help or hurt? Tune in to find out the answer along with THE world premiere of  "I Know" off of their latest album! You do not want to miss this!

Update: The Philly cheese man has been apprehended...

12-9-2013 - Season 3 Finale with Special Guests Satellites Fall

The Daves are back again for the season 3 finale! This week Davey Moore and David Begin stop by to talk about independent creative control, what's going on lately with Satellites Fall, and what we can expect in the future. We hope you enjoyed season 3 of The Studio Cellar, we'll be back in January with all new guests! Stay tuned and have safe and happy holidays!


11-25-2013 - Acoustic vs. Electronic with Special Guest Todd Bowes of Downcity Armory

We've got Todd Bowes of Downcity Armory on this episode of The Studio Cellar to talk about the pros and cons of both acoustic and electronic music. Todd discusses some of the challenges and benefits of both worlds and how it translates to the live stage. We also get a chance to play the new Downcity Armory single "Girls <3 Digital."