3-31-2015 - The Two Year Anniversary Special

This episode may as well have been called "The Shout Out" episode. It's been two years and we have so many people to thank for coming through the show. Thanks to everyone who has supported us from the beginning, new fans, and all of our wonderful guests. We would not be here without you! With all that mush out of the way, Jim and Tom sit down and try to rekindle their long lost friendship over a breakdown of Jim's recent tour with AdapterAdapter and the 48 hour film festival project that Tom will be directing this year!

1-31-2015 - Batman Triumphant with Special Guest Todd Bowes and Christopher Brown

Todd and Christopher are in studio to talk about their new film, Batman Triumphant! This movie was shot completely on iPhone and utilizes a long lost script that recently surfaced on the Internet. Rather than letting it fall into the wrong hands, Christopher took on this fine piece of cinema and somehow has not been abducted by Joel Schumacher and beaten by his henchmen. The movie stars Chris himself as well as Todd filling the role of Cornelius Stirk, a very obscure Batman villian with the ability to shape shift. Yea, we've never heard of him either.. Tune in to hear all the details as well as the latest dick fashion trends hitting the streets!

1-13-2015 - Kicking Off The New Year with Special Guests Jon and Erick of The Dead LA

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2015 with one of the craziest episodes we've had in a long time. Erick and Jon of The Dead LA stop by to talk about the band and play an in studio acoustic song. Hey, haven't had one of those in a while! We also come up with some new life terms, such as "basting." You're just going to have to tune in to know what the hell we're talking about. You won't be disappointed, but you've been warned.

8-5-2014 - Building a Business from Passion with Special Guests Kyle and Jeremy of Homestead Hard Cider

Hey everyone! It's been a while, but we're back with an awesome episode about hard apple cider! Kyle and Jeremy of Homestead Hard Cider swung through the studio to talk about their new up and coming business, how things are coming along, and a little bit about the journey of how they got to where they are now. They are certainly in for a prosperous future in their cider endeavor cause ones thing's for sure, these dudes know how to make a damn good hard cider!

7-2-2014 - Crowd Funding With Special Guest Neal DeConte

Holy crap! It's JULY?! We've got Neal DeConte of DeConte Figures and Collectibles on this week! He's down in the cellar to talk about what we can expect for the future of DeConte and a bit about crowd funding campaigns. We'll give you a hint, there's a Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) figure in the works, so be sure to tune in for this one! We've also got some disturbing lawn mower antics,  Jim Varney internal voices, and some shitty movie talk!!! Everyone have a safe fourth! But not too safe... Also, look at Neal's sweet car. What is Tom doing?

5-20-2014 - Internet Sales With Special Guest Tammy Laforest

You just can't sell hard copies anymore can you? Well, maybe you can... Anyways, Tammy Laforest is in studio for this episode of The Studio Cellar to talk about and play a track off her new album "Copper." Tammy  explains methods she is using to promote and sell the album online and Jim goes into a deep depression over an incident involving some ice cream. Let's all scream for ice cream.